Wednesday, 6 July 2016

I did Dare to Create

I spent the past weekend in some fabulous company at the first Dare to Create event , which was held in Coventry. It was a weekend of artyness and fun and at the end we each took away three completed pieces, a ton of inspiration  and some new friendships. 

Day one was an all day workshop with our chosen artist...and what a choice we had to make between the lovely Tracy Weinzapfel  from San Diego USA with her  bright cheery colours and  whimsical flowers and swirls ... or homegrown Andy Skinner with his darker grungier style - complete with skulls and eyeballs. 

I chose Tracy (actually mainly on the basis that she was from overseas and I might never get the chance to work with her again) and our group spent a fabulous day creating pretty artwork.                                                                                    It was a base and four squares that we painted and layered and painted some more and stamped and painted and painted some more until we each ended up with a unique piece and something we could be proud of...

 Tracy was very inspirational and sweet and very funny and encouraged us all to enjoy the process.
There is no wrong way to do this she said... and set us free.

It was amazing to see the whole range of art produced that day...each one unique.

This style was a complete first for me and I loved it. I came away energised and inspired and hoping to take what I learned forward into my own arty journey

At the end of day one I was happy... and also looking forward to day two...which I will tell you about next time.

Until then, take care

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