Tuesday, 8 November 2016

A Postcard from....

Some boring life stuff got in the way a little bit for a while there, but today I would like to share this project which was made for a swap. There was no particular theme for the swap but it had to be a standard 4x6 post card size and had to include visible collage as part of the design.

I began by thinking about where I might like to send a post card from...and since San Francisco is on my bucket list, I decided that would be my starting point... When I think of San Francisco two songs immediately pop into my head... I left my heart in .... and be sure to wear some flowers in your hair.... and so these were my reference points. In the background you can see there is an ornate heart and hopefully the flowers reference is blindingly obvious.

I had great fun with this project and I loved using up some old book pages. The one tip I would give anyone using book pages in any art project is to check the text. Make sure that the text content is suitable for the audience. The text may or may not have anything to do with the theme of the project (in this case it does not) but people may still read it and it is vital to make sure there is nothing contained within it that might cause offence. (A few years ago a craft magazine issue carried free papers that included a text design, but they clearly did not check because the content would make even a sailor blush! They withdrew it of course but not before it had been viewed and complained about...OOps!)

Anyhow that is it for me for today. I hope to be back with regular projects moving forward and I have great plans for the New Year... more about that later.
Bye for now, take care

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