Thursday, 20 October 2011

Festive preparation begins

And now for something different...

It is always a challenge trying to please everyone with festive offerings...especially who are not quite as filled to the brim with joy and so perhaps the fabulous and quirky images from the pen of  Lily Chilvers will fit the bill this year.

Despite the glittery stickles, this is definitely a non traditional card  which I hope will appeal to a slightly neglected corner of the market.

And as a kind of counterbalance  to the above, there is this quirky little elf bringing gifts and love for the festive season.

This is just a little sneak preview of a couple of things that will be available for this year...There is lots more variety to follow...Watch this space, as they say

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

October Update

For once I can say hand on heart that  the lack of posts recently is not because I have been neglecting this blog, but rather because I have been on my travels...a beautifully mixed trip visiting old friends and gathering new crafting supplies in the good old US of A!

I do love shopping for goodies and ideas in the States - the ranges of products are far more extensive and they are often at least one step ahead of the UK in craft releases....and of course thee are bargains to be had - although the exchange rate was not all that kind this trip. I have yet to unpack all my new materials but over the next few days I hope to find a place for everything and then I can start using it - which is clearly the fun part.

The past 48 hours has been spent fulfilling orders made before I left and it is now becoming time to turn thoughts to things festive. I have been taking orders for Christmas cards for some time now but they are coming in thick and fast and my order book is becoming delightfully full.

I have two craft fairs booked for next month and two for December - details will follow shortly.  But for now let me close this post with a sneak peak at one of the cards I did today.

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