Wednesday, 13 July 2016

I Dared to Create... the final workshop

Day two and the final workshop... a collaborative piece from Tracy and Andy combing their ideas and styles.

There were several points in the making of this piece when I thought what the heck...and once or twice I referred to my piece as "a hot mess!" but as the session progressed and we added more layers and used more techniques I grew to love it.

It has loads of texture and a little whimsy from the hand drawn imperfect heart (which by the time I was done with it, I loved!)  When searching for the perfect word stencil I knew I had found it when I saw one with SERENDIPITY...I just had to place it at an angle to be sure of not losing any off the edge.  This piece is very personal to me and is going to hang on my wall right where I sit and can see it.

This was my very first retreat and I loved it. It most certainly will not be my last.

Until next time

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