Sunday, 28 July 2013

Sending a smile in an envelope

Sometimes there is only one way to face advancing age and that is with humour... after all we can all do with a little cheese with our whine and this stamp from Stampin' Up! seems to fit the bill  just perfectly.

And thankfully my dear old Mum has retained a sense of humour and she and her friends loved this card...a real change from the usual flowery offering most seventy six year old's receive on their birthday.

The image and the sentiment stamps were both purchased form the Viva Las Vegas Stamps store earlier this year and I am sure they will get plenty of use.

This was a quick  an easy little thank you popped into an envelope with a package sent recently. I really like the grunge stamps for the background and the sentiments come with built in smiles

And of course the sentiment on this last card is so really can never have too much happy

Until next time, take care

Christa   xx

Wednesday, 3 July 2013

OLD Fossil

Since my last post (too long ago) I have added another year to the numbers of my age and eaten a fair amount of cake in the process...  and although some of my friends and family may think I am as old as dirt, I was not actually around when dinosaurs walked the earth...and so with that in mind I took some artistic licence when making the backgrounds for these two cards.

 The one to the left the sponging came out more like sand dunes and has rather sparse greenery...which would probably make for hungry dinosaurs

And the one to the right was a little more hilly in the background with slightly more greenery... with more to eat maybe that is why there is a extra  dinosaur on that one!

Both cards were made using sponge techniques for the backgrounds and the dinosaurs are all stamped using rubber form The Viva Las Vegas Stamp Store and these were then cut by hand, sponge inked and mounted on foam for the 3D effect.

The inside of both cards has a greeting and a row of dinosaurs marching across the bottom of the card

My Pound O' Rubber grab bag still has lots of weird and wonderful images I have yet to use and these will no doubt feature here in coming months as I find a way to use each and every one. Perhaps you have a card in mind or an occasion that requires something a little bit different... If so drop me a line...who knows what else is in that grab might be exactly what you need.

Until next time, take care

Christa   xx

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