Monday, 26 May 2014

A new era

I have not been as idle as the lack of blog activity might suggest, it is simply that blogging here became a casualty of a busier than expected life...but hopefully things are about to change.

I am a Stampin' Up! demo and I have a blog specifically for my Stampin' Up! adventures. It has lots of fun projects made using SU products as well as specific promotion info. Feel free to check it out HERE ... but THIS BLOG  is dedicated to all my creative adventures and is free of restrictions. As such I am hopeful that there will be lost of fun as I move ever onwards in my creative journey...

So I thought I would kick off with a little update and a project sharing too...

I decided that it is time to get a little more involved with swaps and challenges and so I signed up for a few of each...and I had forgotten just how much fun they could be.

I am currently involved in a one to one card swap with Debby,  a crafter in rural Canada. The lilac butterfly card (pictured right) was the first card I sent to Debby.

I recently took part in a card candy swap (hard work but huge fun). For this we each chose a stamp set and made ten packs of card candy using that set as the base.  It takes a fair bit of time to create all the elements and then assemble each one and package them, but it is lots of fun and the end results can be surprising.

I took part in my first card candy swap  (pictured left) late last year
 and  the set pictured   right was my second time...and definitely won't be the last.

I have taken part in a tag swap over at VLVS and I am waiting for my return tags... The inspiration point for the tag swap was sunshine  and these are a few of my tags. The headless unicylist and the wording were from a collection of quirky VLVS stamps.

If you are ever in Las Vegas you really must pop in and say Hello to DeeDee and Jeff in their amazing rubber stamp store on Sahara. It is a truly amazing place... you will not regret spending time there, I promise!

Finally my last swap was a birthday card swap on ILWS. For this I decided to go against the cake (shock horror) and brightly coloured card styles and opted for a simple design and muted colour palette with this card.

Unfortunately I realised after I had sent them off that the photo does not clearly show the detail involved in this card and what shows as a blank space between the mounted squares and the candy dots is in fact staggered embossing. I have always known that my photographic 'skills' needed some work but this really brought it home. Must try harder eh?

Anyhow that is it for now... a little update and a few project shares...and time to move forward.

I am delighted to report that I have booked a one day jewellery workshop next month. I am really looking
forward to  trying something new and totally different. Watch this space as they say...

Bye for now


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