Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Such grand plans

Oh I had such grand plans for 2012 . . . but in order to do all the things I want to do - keep making lovely things, make new and different lovely things, explore new and lovely crafts, live an interesting life, laugh lots and still keep up with the household stuff -  I have realised I need more hours in every day and at least three more pairs of hands, a double double dose of extra energy . . . oh and some extra brain power wouldn't go amiss either ;-)

So while I am waiting for my pre-ordered super powers to arrive, I am happily plodding along and keeping a fine balance of making lovely things and trying new lovely things, laughing lots and living life to the best of my ability.
                                                                                         Last week a super-fabulous return  customer (all customers are fabulous of course, but regular return customers are super-fabulous) contacted me with a request for a special card for her daughter . . . and now that the card is in the safe hands of the intended recipient, with the customers permission, I can show it off.                                                                   

Don't forget, if you would like a one of a kind special card made for the one of a kind special person in your life all you have to do is contact me to discuss your requirements and I will get to work on it right away.

Christa   xx 

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