Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Messing about with Brushos

I got a set of Brushos for my birthday last year, but last summer was not a good one and its only recently that I have actually opened them up and started playing with them...and I love them.

It is so quick and easy to get the most amazing backgrounds and its highly addictive too. Once I start I seem to always end up with a least a few sheets of Brusho backgrounds ready to use in future projects.

The blue base was originally intended for a sea themed card but that failed and the murky mermaid was ditched in favour of sunny butterflies... The centre panel and the butterflies were made from a background using warmer tones in Brushos. I stamped the butterflies in archival black once the background sheet was fully  dry and then punched them out.

The picture doesn't really show it but the brusho sheets were formed using shimmer card and this gives the colours an extra shimmery is also a heavy weight card (330 gsm I think) and so it was really easy to curl the wings over the end of a pokey tool before attaching the butterflies to the card panel.

This was a fun card to make and I was quite pleased with the results... and in the process of making those background sheets I discovered which shades when used in close proximity to each other will make mud...

If you play around with Brushos I bet you will soon find that out too...

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