Monday, 17 April 2017

MOM - Day Two

Day two was spent with the lovely Kate Crane making this amazing box of tricks. The basic project was a  decorated box into which we put some tags we made. It is designed to be an organic project and more tags and replacement tags can be added as and when needed.

I chose not to assemble my box at the event to make it easy to pack and travel home with, but within 24 hours of getting back, it was done and the final  details on the tags were finished.

I also chose to decorate the backs of my tags and for this I used the same basic techniques and added some things from my  supplies at home to end up with these reverse tags (pic below)

I am really pleased with how this came out and I am already working on some extra tags to go into the box...and have plans to start another box over the weekend. It was just so much fun and the end result is both pretty and practical...what could be better!

Until next time

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