Friday, 14 April 2017

MoM April 2017

This time last week I was in Coventry for my first ever Ministry of Mixology event and what fun-filled a weekend it was!  I can't recommend it highly enough and I am already looking forward to the November event...

Friday evening started with a meet and greet in the hotel but the event proper kicked off on Saturday morning... with a goody bag filled with all sorts of fab stuff propped on the chair before we even started. (The canvas bag that held pout goodies became the focus of attention at one of the make and take events on Saturday evening and we used paint and stencils...and in my case fingers too... to decorate our bags.)

Day one for me was a workshop with the amazing and lovely France Papillon. She really is a delight and using a variety of media and techniques we worked on making the gorgeous little book-style ink pad holder in the photo above.

It was designed to hold three full sized archival ink pads but can also hold mini books, mini art samples, fact just about anything that will fit to size...and it has this cool pulley system to bring the contents forward at the tug of the string.  

The transformation of the few pieces of mdf into something so gorgeous and practical was amazing and although we were all making the same project the variety of results was amazing. I am really happy with how mine came out and will definitely make another very soon .

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