Sunday, 25 September 2016

Inspired by Lucy

Last weekend I, along with hundreds of other craft addicts, went along to the Craft show at Alexandra Palace. I went armed with spending money but no plans to actually spend it as deep down I know (and I need to whisper this next bit...) I really do not need anything else to be able to craft... in fact I could probably craft daily for the next ten years and not need to buy anything other adhesive... but of course when faced with lots of products the temptation is great.

So feeling virtuous I decided I was going to go along simply to watch the demos...and this is where Lucy comes in... She was helping out on the PaperArtsy stand and she began to make a rather lovely tag...using ordinary tissue paper, inkfusions and treasure gold... and we chatted as she worked and she very kindly gave me the tag to take home...and it is gorgeous...

and because of Lucy's generosity of her time, skills and in handing over her creation, I decided I must try my hand at a similar project... and this is it. It is nothing at all like Lucy's lovely creation of course .. not helped by the fact I was slightly sidetracked by watching an art journal video online while making this (which is where the flowers came from) but the background was definitely inspired by Thanks Lucy, I had fun!

Until next time

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  1. Ooh that background is gorgeous, Christa, I love the crinkles and the vibrancy of the colours!

    Lucy x


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