Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Inspiration Journal sneak peek

I take part in a monthly Art Swap  over at Jenniebellies Journal Workshop forum and this month we each had to make an Inspiration Journal for our swap partner. 

I had such a blast with this. I can't show the whole thing here today because
A) there are just too many elements (cover , pages, pockets and tags)
and more importantly
B) I only just posted it off so my swap partner won't have seen it yet...

which is why I am sharing just one photo today...of the back of the journal...and no close ups!

This is the first time I have made this particular format and I was stunned by simple it is to assemble... in fact it was so easy I assembled three other bases at the same time as I made this one just so I have them ready to start on when the mood takes me. I particularly love that you may them in many sizes, the final size simply depends on the size of the sheet of paper or card you start with as your base.

I will be back with more details of this little project and hope maybe it will inspire someone else to have a go.
Until next time

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