Saturday, 23 April 2016

New plates of rubber

This week I took delivery of three brand new plates of rubber from Viva Las Vegas Stamps and they are  gorgeous. The latest release consisted of five new plates and the three I chose were 1471, 1472 and 1474. These plates comes as  a flat rubber sheet with as many stamps crammed onto each sheet as is humanly possible. You then simply cut them out and mount them in the way you prefer. I actually don;t mount mine at all. I prefer to keep them as plain rubber and I use them with a block that has tack'n'peel on it. That stuff is magical and it saves me a ton of money of mount foam and  loads of time because I do not have to faff about and there is zero stress involved.

For the above card I used  stamps from plate 1471 for the scribbly background and border,  the flowers and the wording and plate 1474 for the quirky little creature.

It was a very quick and basic effort but I was dying to try these out...and I shall be back in the craft room in a little while get all inky as I try out some of the other fabulousness that landed through my letter box this week.
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