Tuesday, 19 February 2013

One for the boys...

This week I have been busy making cards for men and thought I would share a couple of designs with you today. These were all for men who do not have the more traditional  interests often featured on shop bought cards.

The first one (on the right) was the card I made for my nephew's birthday this week.  The card was built onto a neutral tone card base, all ink edged and distressed by hand.  These type of cards can be made to suit any style of clothing and in a range of colours and patterns ..and not just for men either.

Sticking within the grey tones the card below was, by request,  a grungy birthday card. All hand stamped  using a combination of basic greys and some summer star fruit inks. The 3D rosette on the front was hand stamped, hand cut and layered. The inside panel of card was stamped to match.

 And the last one for today - this landscape card was made using a combination of blues and greys  stamped and over stamped onto an ink-edged white background, layered onto a black card base.
Hand stamped and pierced 3 D greetings panels were added to the front centre. The inside of the
card was stamped to match.

Of course I do also make cards with sports themes, sports cars, speed boats, poker and beer etc... but the real beauty of hand made cards is that  as well as having the potential to be personalised with names and dates or other personal greetings, they can be made to suit the interests and lifestyles of the intended recipients.

If you would like a card made for someone you care about please do get in touch...I am more than happy to help you to go the extra mile to add that extra smile.

Until next time, take care

Christa   xx

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