Tuesday, 17 January 2012


Made this card this week, just for fun...and as a statement of intent as I started the year with such good crafting intentions.

I have some fabulous ideas for some new projects and they are in various stages of development right now...which means some are almost there - with samples on my work bench or on the drying shelf, while others are still little more than a collection of elements waiting to be moulded into something hopefully wonderful.

Inspiration comes in many forms and from many places and I am working on some delightful commissioned cards at the moment...I just love the challenge of coming up with that special design to make you and your loved ones smile. A card should be more than just a pretty paper item, and I aim to provide a smile and a hug in an envelope.

 If you have an idea for a special personalised card or a gift  you would like to be able to give to someone you love, please do drop me a line

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  1. Hi C! I am so glad you visted my blog! I miss PT, but I espcially miss chatting with you on the General Boards. Glad we can keep in touch through our blogs. Always love to see what lovelies you're creating. This one is no exception! The colors are great, and I love the flowers. Great Job as always!


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