Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Not sleeping...honest

I'm back... I really dislike oops sorry its been ages since I updated my blog posts...and yet here I am faced with typing those very words. There is a reason behind my silence (Yipee! I have a proper excuse this time!) but it is boring (dislocated elbow and torn tendon)  and I want to get back to the good stuff...crafting!

While I may have been a poor injured crafter, the world has not stopped needing cards and gift ideas...

and so with a few adaptations to my usual processes, I have been managing to keep up with orders as they come in....                               Since I was last here I have made a variety of birthday cards, including a couple  for milestone birthdays...

Like this pretty sparkly 50th Birthday card (shown right)  with its delicate scrolls and hand made flowers....

to this  card on the left which was made for a one year old boy called Henry,  and features primary brights  along with  shiny and sparkly elements and an all important (to a small boy)  red car  constructed using dies, punches and velum for the glass panes.

Both cards were commissioned and designed specifically to incorporate information provided.

If you have an idea for a card for someone in your  life please do get in touch 

 Until next time, take care

C xx

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