Saturday, 6 November 2010

The Expo Experience

Apologies for the absence - I have been living it up in Las Vegas for the past few weeks. I actually went there for a papercraft & stamping expo, but who can resist the absurdities of the so-called Sin City. And anywhere with steady temperatures around a pleasant 80F is a delight at this time of year.

The expo was great. All the new stamping releases and newest products were on show - even a few teasers for things to be released in the New Year. With such a wide range of products on offer the demos were all fabulous as each supplier tried their best to ensure their products stood out from the crowd. It is wonderfully refreshing to get to discuss the products and the various/potential applications with the supplier face to face and to try them out while you chat about techniques and variable results.

The USA has many of the same products available here in the UK but the ranges there are far more extensive and I do like to try to find things that are a little different from those widely available to make things a bit more interesting.

At the moment I am still enjoying all that jetlag has to offer, but once I am fully functioning I shall start to put some of the new products to good use. I guess its time to watch this space as they say...

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