Saturday, 21 October 2017

Lighthouse shadow box

This lighthouse shadow box was a little extra I made to go along with a birthday card for a four year old who's current love is lighthouses. His personalised birthday card had the same lighthouse with a beam shining  with his name and the birthday message in  the lighthouse  beam. The shadow box  (obviously minus the birthday message) had a cord for display purposes and the waves and the  sand were heat embossed to give some texture. He loved it and  it is hanging on his bedroom wall.

Until next time

Friday, 13 October 2017

Quick bow tie card

This week I got a very last minute request for a birthday card for a man, and with no time to spare I quickly made this shirt and braces card with buttons and bow tie.

I used a white panel of card to which I added the red and white patterned washi tape as braces. I used the same colour red to punch and assemble the bow tie, card candy as buttons and a strip of matching card across the bottom with a sentiment panel added at the mid-line to complete it.

When pushed for time it I am always surprised by how easy it can be to grab a few simple things and make something fun.
Until next time

Thursday, 5 October 2017

Autumn tag

This is a tag that I made for a tag swap over on UK Stampers. It was an open theme and I chose autumn...probably my favourite season of the year

I cut two tags and one reinforcer style ring for my base, one in Kraft card  and the other slightly smaller in white card. I used a sponge to apply three shades of distress oxide inks on the white card and then lightly spritzed with water  to form my background.
Once this was completely dry I used a leaf stamp top and bottom opposite corners and heat embossed it to give some texture.  I  then stamped the girl  (a stamp from VLVS) onto white linen card using sepia archival ink,   fussy cut the image  and adhered it to the tag using gel medium.

The wording was computer generated, cut out, ink edged and adhered to the tag with gel medium. and then I went around the edges of the tag  and the reinforcer with two shades of ink. Once it was all dry I adhered the decorated white base to the Kraft tag base and adhered the reinforcer to finish it off.

I am really happy with how it turned out and now I know that my swap partner has received it, I can share it here. 
Until next time

Tuesday, 26 September 2017

Make a Splash

I haven't been inactive or fallen off the face of the earth but I have been busy and 99% of the cards and projects I have made recently have been so deeply personalised  that I am not able to share them online... but this one I can...

 I made this simple card  for my nephew's birthday. It uses a super splash die in the background and the frog is stamped from a retired Stampin' Up! set. Thankfully froggy was easy to cut out with scissors and I added some glossy accents to make his eyes shine. I hope it makes my nephew smile when he opens the envelope

Until next time

Tuesday, 22 August 2017

Be a Rainbow

This past week I took delivery of some new goodies... The latest release distress oxides and some stencils and stickers designed by Marta Lapowska (ordered from 13@rts in Poland)  and this was my first and very quick make with them. 

 I used three shades of oxides to make the blended background and then  using one of the new stencils and a baby wipe I went in and wiped back some of the colour. This is possibly my favourite thing to do with the oxides to make really quick and easy backgrounds that look fabulous but only take minutes.

I also got one of the Tim Holtz ephemera packs recently and to be honest I was a little bit disappointed ... there is a great range of stuff in the pack but my disappointment is in how tiny everything is...Maybe it says so somewhere in the description but I missed it and I am not entirely sure how I will use some of the pieces...but anyhow the butterflies I used here are from  that pack.

The sentiment is one of Marta's sayings stickers and while I love the wording and the fonts used in some of the stickers, I have realised I don't like stickers. I hate how they sit all shiny and I wish they were rub on transfers rather than stickers...but that is just me and I will be looking at other ways to use them.

Anyhow this card is on its way to a friend in the hope it will brighten her day.
Until next time

Saturday, 19 August 2017

Vintage Tag

Today I want to share this tag I made for a swap in a group I belong to. I really like tags as they are mini pieces of art that can also have a practical purpose and I do love anything that combines the two.

I cut the tag base from Kraft card using the largest of the Tim Holtz tag dies. I used matt gel medium to adhere some paper to my tag and when it was dry I trimmed it out and sanded the edges for a smoother finish. 

I used a few stamps from PaperArtsy  with distress oxide inks to add details to the tag and I ink edged the whole tag and then went round the very edges with some gilding wax. Some pearls and cotton lace finished things off and I was quite pleased with the end result.

Until next time
C xx

Friday, 11 August 2017

Treasure chest

This is a project I am working on with my local Day Hospice art group. Its a simple wooden mini chest which has been distressed using acrylic paints, antiquing cream and texture sand.

The inside of the lid has an insert of distressed paper showing a bill of lading to keep to the general shipping theme... and inside there is some "treasure" set in the base of the chest

The treasure was made using some out of date mini macaroni - which I bought  ages ago fully intending to add to soup and of course never got around to making the soup... I rolled the macaroni in glue and set it in the base of the box and then painted it with gold metallic paint...on top of this I glued some random beads to complete the "faux treasure" Once it is all set there is still room to put small items in the box...

However I decided it would better if the box was fully functional and so I am doing another with the treasure on an insert box which fits inside the chest allowing a hidden compartment beneath the treasure to store real treasures.

This was a fun project and in my craft studio it only took me a couple of hours (including drying time) to complete. Of course in the art room with multiple participants it takes a lot longer, but it is still lots of fun.

Until next time

Monday, 31 July 2017

Shadow Box

Following on with my Art in a box adventures is this shadow box, made as part of an art group swap. There was no set theme for this swap, just that it has to be a shadow box of some kind, so I used a piece of 12x12 card to make my base box leaving me with approx seven and a half inches of space to fill within the frame.

I used heavy weight purple card stock and after I made the folds (but before I put the box together) I stamped it with black archival and a crackle stamp (from Andy Skinners TOXIC set).  Then I cut my background paper and adhered that before folding the box to create the frame section. 

It was at this point I decided I wasn't so keen on the pattern on the paper or the depth of colour of the pattern (I wasn't sure what it was to be honest)  and so I ended up going over it lightly with some white gesso just to fade and blend the pattern a little in places. After that I used some texture paste through a script stencil and  set it aside to dry. In future I think I will do all of that first because I managed to get a little gesso on the frame and didn't notice it until it was dry...white gesso smear on purple looked awful so I had to touch up the affected parts with purple paint... all of which could have been avoided if I did the messy stuff to the background before I assembled it all. Needless to say, Lesson learned!

The rest was all about choosing and prepping chipboard elements, flowers, gems etc and putting it all together. I did not have time to mess with it any longer but I think if it was staying here with me I may well have tinkered with it a bit more...but I had to call it done and get it packaged up and on its way. I hope the recipient will like it when she opens the package.

Until next time

Friday, 28 July 2017

Match box Art

This week I have been playing around with "box art" or  Art in a box and I have tried several different types...the first of which is this matchbox art.
I used distress oxides with a baby wipe through a stencil before assembling the box and the sleeve and also for the belly band which was a last minute addition, I added some stamped and heat embossed shells and  starfish as decoration.

Once the belly band is removed , a simple push from one end of the matchbox will start to reveal what is inside...
until the box is fully opened and

the whole scene is revealed...

For the inside I used a gesso base, topped with acrylics in shades of blue and white and once dry I stamped the gulls in the top corner before I assembled the base box. Painting all the surfaces before assembly means the roof side and base are all painted as part of the scene.

The tree and boat were stamped onto a piece of card, coloured and cut and I used a scored strip to pop this up halfway into the box base. The front of the scene was finished with some mica granite flakes and some art stones adhered with heavy body gel.

This was my very first attempt at anything like this and it was a challenge working on such a small scale but I learned stuff and had fun along the way.
Until next time

Sunday, 23 July 2017

Busy making cards

I have been really busy this past week making lots (and lots) of birthday cards, including some pretty cool milestones birthday cards,  but I can't share them on here because they were personalised with photos ....

So instead, here is a summery themed card I made for a buddy . For this I used a velvet card base which feels amazing to the touch (shame you can't appreciate that in a picture)  and I used  an old Stampin' Up! set along with a bee stamp from VLVS. Distress Oxide for the background and markers for the rest. The dragonfly I stamped direct to the card and also stamped two images onto vellum and heat embossed them both. Layered up they give more of an "in-flight" effect. I was quite pleased with how it turned out and I hope my buddy likes it... it is winging its way to her as I type ;)

This week I am working on a couple of projects and depending how they turn out (and the jury is out on that one at the moment) I hope to have something to share soon

Until next time

Friday, 14 July 2017

Cray cray yeah

This week has been quite busy and little hectic at times. Aside from all the mundane stuff, I have begun facilitating a series of regular sessions as a volunteer with the Arts Programme at our local hospice and that was something new and it was fun.  There was also chocolate making and cake decorating alongside my card making this week and we managed to get a little of all done.  I didn't make any chocolates but I did add chocolate and lemon sprinkles to a cupcake... which I later was delicious! The maker of the cakes did get a Thank You card at the end of the session.

I don't have any photos of the card making to share, but instead there is this tag which I have made for a swap on UK Stampers. This used a Kraft card base which I cut with a tag die, some acrylic paints, background stamps and the image from Tim Holtz's Hipster set. All in all a fun set and a fun tag

Until next time

Sunday, 2 July 2017

NOT the prettiest Coaster in the world...

I have  a desperate need to tidy my craft space...and so what do I end up doing? Making stuff with odd things I have lying around of course!

And today I spotted a pile of old seasonal catalogues from SU that should really be destined for the recycling bin... but then that old I'm sure I could make something with these thing kicked in and there I was tearing and rolling catalogues...until I had a basket of pretty strong paper straws...

I cut a 10cm square piece of kraft card, added some gel matt medium and started pressing the straws lightly onto the base until it covered. I then brushed the whole thing with a thin layer of mat medium and left it to dry, before trimming the overlapping pieces from each side.

Then I applied paint... I did not gesso first - I'm not sure why I skipped this because I pretty much always gesso everything before I add paint, and to be honest if I do this again I will add a layer of gesso before I start painting, but this was a practice run and nothing was harmed so I just added paint... and I kept adding paint until I was pretty happy with it.

Once it was all painted I then painted extra rolled paper straws to use to cover the open ends on two sides of my project. I tried adding a border all the way round but it was not working so I gave up... Once the straws were dry I added them and then painted over again...

Once everything was all stuck down, painted and dry I used a background stamp and some black archival ink to add some interest...

This coaster will definitely not win any prizes and it is absolute NOT the prettiest coaster in the world, but its mine and I had fun.

Until next time

Wednesday, 28 June 2017


I had a spare hour this afternoon and after one of Marta's videos on YouTube, I  decided I would give a silhouette project a try.

I started with a seven inch square base which I taped down to the work mat and I applied several shades of blue acrylic paint (I used DecoArt but any acrylic paint will do) to form my background... and then once that was dry (and I had no patience so used a heat gun) I began with black acrylic paint and a fine brush using Marta's video tips as a guide.

I tried really hard not to think too much as I was working and soon became engrossed in what I was doing... and it was really  relaxing. I spent a lot more time on the tree than I expected but it was all good fun. I definitely will try this again and will of course try to develop it further...but for today it was an hour well spent.
Until next time

Friday, 23 June 2017

Any Excuse... for a Tag swap...

The recent heatwave has kept me out of my craft room and I was itching to get back in there and make something...anything...

And my something was this tag which will be used as part of a swap on UK Stampers.

Its actually quite large...I started with a mixed media background piece that measured 18 x 8 cm and when I was done with the background I liked it as it was and decided not to trim it down.

After  a base white gesso, I used a couple of shades of blue acrylic paint (DecoArt media line) and left it to dry.

Then I stamped over that using black archival ink and a variety of stamps...small text is a Finnabair stamp, other background stamps are from a set by Nathalie Kalbach for  Stampendous and the characters are stamps from Viva Las Vegas Stamps.

I painted accents on the characters before fussy cutting and adhering them to the tag, after which I added some glossy accents to eyes, beak and buttons.

Ink sponged around the edges and then the tag was mounted onto Kraft card and an eyelet added with my cropadile.

I was quite pleased with how it turned out and hope that the swap recipient will like it when it lands on their doorstep.

Until next time

Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Fathers Day

Every time my birthday falls on a Sunday, I share it with Father's Day and this was one of those years... and this was the very simple card I made for my Dad.

When we were kids my Dad had a Chevy for a while. It was a huge American car and couldn't be parked outside the house because it blocked the road so he had to drop us off and drive round to my uncle's place to park there.... It all seems silly when I say that but at the time we loved that huge monster car... and so when I spotted a retro stamp in my collection it seemed the right one to celebrate my Dad on Father's Day.

Until next time
C xx

Monday, 19 June 2017

Arty Birthday to me

Yesterday was my birthday and my amazing hubby presented me with a bag of arty  goodies as part of my presents. I said I would like some of the new Finnabair impasto paints and he opened a bag in the shop at the craft retreat in Coventry and included what he hoped would be my favourite colours...and he added some gorgeous metallics and some waxes, a couple of stamps, some chipboard embellies and some really cute metal hearts. What can I say, he did good!

I haven't opened any of them yet because we have this awful heatwave and I prefer to create in comfort...and in the knowledge that the paint won't dry on my brush, but as soon as temps return to normal I will be camped out in my craft space up to my elbows in painty stuff.

I do not do well in extreme heat so may hibernate until this passes... so until next time,
Take care

Saturday, 17 June 2017

Applied creativity retreat

It hardly seems possible that it is  already two weeks since I attended this fabulous event in Coventry. Six three hour workshops in two days it was full on creativity and such fun...and we came away with six fabulous completed projects.

The tutors for this event were three amazingly talented and beautiful women... Marta Lapowska. Anna Dabrowska (aka Finnabair) and France Papillon...but if you know their work you would probably recognise their style in the projects we made.

                                                                                                                                                                            Day one started with Marta and a vintage project, followed by Anna's lady assemblage piece and ending with France and what should have been a decorated egg candle holder in a basket, but the temps in the venue affected the plaster and many of us had failed projects... but we are all artists and we made something out of nothing... and I came home with a bag of plaster to have another go at home.

Day two began with Anna and this amazing book, followed by France and the abstract circles  project and ending with this very pretty floral piece with Marta.

I loved all of the projects...and although each technique involved was demonstrated by the tutor, we had free rein with a wide variety of products,  choice of paint colours, stencils designs etc  and style interpretations... so although we each did essentially the same project, the range of results was astounding.

We picked up loads of hints and tips and came away with lots of products to try at home. It was an amazing weekend and I am so glad I went.

Until next time

Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Birthday Sax

I made this card today as one of a set all going to the same birthday boy. It can be challenging to make several cards for the same recipient but at the same time it allows me to see how they will look standing side by side on the mantle (or whatever passes for a mantle  in the modern home )

I used three shades of distress oxides for the background and then I grabbed a stencil and  wiped back some of the colour using a baby wipe  to create the starburst pattern. Once that was dry I stamped the sax player ( a Visible Image stamp) and added the sentiment stamp (Stampin' Up!)

I was quite pleased with how this one turned out and I am sure the birthday boy will like it too
Until next time

Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Back to tags...

 My niece is getting married next weekend and I have been really busy making all the little extras for her wedding so the blog got neglected as I stamped and punched and folded and stamped some more making table games and camera kits and signs and tags and cake boxes and  thousands of little hearts all in her wedding colours... The invites were done last year but I kept all the off-cuts because I knew they would come in handy...and they have. She is delighted and appreciative of all the work that goes into this  and while I was happy to do this (it was my wedding gift to them) I am glad my work is done... Now I can  concentrate on getting ready for ( I have a beautiful new dress but what am I going to do with my unruly hair eek!) and enjoying the wedding.

So today, to brush away some creative cobwebs I decided to make some tags...Made using distress oxides for the backgrounds...I did a trio of tags using similar backgrounds but very different design ideas...

The first one (top of the page) with Dreamweaver gold embossing paste through an  Um Wow Studio stencil...

 For the second I used a Katzelkraft stamp for the main image and Tim Holtz stamps for the text ...

And the for the third I used a Finnabair text stamp and  archival ink with a variety of mark makers that were on my desk. The quote was computer generated, printed on texture paper, edged with ink and adhered with matt gel medium.

I used my cropodile to make holes and tied each tag with some fabulous quality bakers twine I got online. I had great fun making all three, one of which (and I am undecided which as yet) will be part of a swap

Until next time
C xx

Thursday, 4 May 2017

Reach for the moon...

For this very quick and easy card I used a hunky-dory paper stack, metallic gold card and the Beautiful You stamp set from Stampin' Up! I stamped and coloured the girl image onto white pearlescent card and fussy cut it and adhered it to the card front making sure to position the hands exactly (I used gel medium to allow me some wriggle room in lining things up). The wording was then stamped into the moon.

I was quite pleased with how this one turned out and the paper stack is perfect for when you need a card in a hurry.
Until next time

Monday, 17 April 2017

MOM - Day Two

Day two was spent with the lovely Kate Crane making this amazing box of tricks. The basic project was a  decorated box into which we put some tags we made. It is designed to be an organic project and more tags and replacement tags can be added as and when needed.

I chose not to assemble my box at the event to make it easy to pack and travel home with, but within 24 hours of getting back, it was done and the final  details on the tags were finished.

I also chose to decorate the backs of my tags and for this I used the same basic techniques and added some things from my  supplies at home to end up with these reverse tags (pic below)

I am really pleased with how this came out and I am already working on some extra tags to go into the box...and have plans to start another box over the weekend. It was just so much fun and the end result is both pretty and practical...what could be better!

Until next time

Friday, 14 April 2017

MoM April 2017

This time last week I was in Coventry for my first ever Ministry of Mixology event and what fun-filled a weekend it was!  I can't recommend it highly enough and I am already looking forward to the November event...

Friday evening started with a meet and greet in the hotel but the event proper kicked off on Saturday morning... with a goody bag filled with all sorts of fab stuff propped on the chair before we even started. (The canvas bag that held pout goodies became the focus of attention at one of the make and take events on Saturday evening and we used paint and stencils...and in my case fingers too... to decorate our bags.)

Day one for me was a workshop with the amazing and lovely France Papillon. She really is a delight and using a variety of media and techniques we worked on making the gorgeous little book-style ink pad holder in the photo above.

It was designed to hold three full sized archival ink pads but can also hold mini books, mini art samples, fact just about anything that will fit to size...and it has this cool pulley system to bring the contents forward at the tug of the string.  

The transformation of the few pieces of mdf into something so gorgeous and practical was amazing and although we were all making the same project the variety of results was amazing. I am really happy with how mine came out and will definitely make another very soon .

Until next time

Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Make a Splash!

This was a piece I made for an international art swap with a nautical theme.  I had to hold off until my swap partner received it, but this evening I heard from her so I can now share it.

I used Deco Art media line acrylics for the ocean and distress oxides for the sky. All the stamping was done using cobalt archival ink, I used  a Joy Crafts sea scape stamp set, Inkylicious stencils  and the gorgeous mermaid is a stamp from VLVS .

My partner liked it so much she plans to frame it and hang it in her nautical themed bathroom. I am delighted!

Until next time

Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Tick Tock... postcard swap

This was a postcard I made for an online swap group. This month the theme was "Tick- Tock" . I started by adding blended colour to my base. Then I stamped a large clock--face background using versamark ink and clear embossing powder. I added a little more colour over the top and buffed back the resist before stamping assorted clock images using black archival ink.

To finish it off, the reverse of the card was also stamped with a postcard background stamp and the small clocks, along with a time related verse.

My swap partner has received the card and loves that was definitely time well spent haha!

Until next time

Friday, 31 March 2017

Stencil scene

This was one of several birthday cards made for the same recipient this month and as he likes nature this seemed like an obvious choice. I used a  textured card as a base to give a canvas effect and a stencil to frame the image.  I used a sponge to apply and blend blue and green shades of distress oxides which I then lightly spritzed with water. I stamped the trees using markers direct to stamps and the animals were stamped onto linen paper, coloured with markers and then adhered to the panel. I added the happy birthday wording in the bottom corner and then adhered the panel to the card base using foam pads. Stamps used are all from Stampin' Up!

I really liked the way the stencil frames the image and I plan to try out several other designs using this basic starting point.

Until next time

Thursday, 23 March 2017

52 card cafe...H is for Hearts

I am going to admit this was one of my favourites to make and I really like the simplicity of the design. I believe it is the seven of hearts underneath...topped with gesso of course.

I used three shades of acrylics, blended here on the main card. Once that was dry I used a Finnabair stamp and stamped the lettering in black archival. Once the ink was completely dry I applied a decent thickness of crackle glaze and left it overnight to dry.

I also took a piece of red card, stamped it with the Finnabair stamp and used a punch  to get the heart shape. I then added  crackle glaze to that too and left it to dry.

In the morning it was simply a matter of sponging some black ink around the edges and adhering the heart to the playing card. Job done!

Until next time

Friday, 17 March 2017

52 card cafe... G is for gears

I really liked working this one...mainly I think because I started with white gesso and black acrylic paint, applied very roughly to leave deliberate brush strokes with some thicker patches to bubble when it was heated.. . Once everything was dry and cool I  stamped some scratches from an Andy Skinner set using black archival ink and then started with gilding wax and building layers of ink and wax until I got the effect I wanted.

The gear cogs were die cut from metallic card in gold and dark bronze shades and over-stamped and layered. I loved the final industrial look of the playing card... who knew the five of spades could look like this?
Until next time

Monday, 13 March 2017

52 weeks... F is for Folk

I am definitely playing catch up with these...but that is the beauty of being able to work at your own pace...mine happens to be slow at the moment...mainly because I spend far too much thinking about it before I ever pick up a paintbrush...

Anyhow F is for Folk...and this was anything inspired by folklore, local or otherwise. I must admit I was pretty stumped by this...and end up with a folksy design rather than a true folk design...
Sadly I also ended up with a pretty horrid photo...but no amount of second takes improved it so it is what it is this time I am afraid.

Gesso background on the playing card again of course, topped by a couple of acrylic paint shades. The bird and flowers were stamps and coloured with markers. The sunbeams are represented by perfect pearls...and the pearly sheen is what contributed to the horrible photo.
Still I did manage to produce a F card...

Onwards and upwards, till next time

Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Bonjour Beautiful

Although they only landed on the mat a few days ago, I am already totally  in love with Tim Holtz's Hipsters. They are super cool and although they come with some fabby cool wordage
 for some reason I really just had to pair the image with the Bonjour Beautiful (from a set by Stampin' Up!) I have no idea why since the image is an Ostrich and they are not exactly known for being French or related to France in any way...but it was just one of those things and I have run with it... and make my point I opted to also use the Paris cityscape stamp (also by TH)  and just to stick with the Tim thing I tried out the new oxide distress inks..and although I used them in a very basic way here, I think I am going to love these too...

So this project was a try new stuff and make a postcard for a swap project that I think turned out just fine. I am happy and hopefully the person who eventually ends up with the postcard will be happy too.
Until next time

Sunday, 26 February 2017

Love Letters and Old Lace

This is a postcard I made for a swap...and the theme was Love Letters & Old Lace.

I will admit to feeling a little pressure with this one from the start... firstly because I was new to the group, but secondly as a newbie I was invited to set the theme...and then of course felt I really needed not to make a hash of it ...

I began with a layer of gesso (of course) and then added a  thin layer of acrylic paint. Once it was dry I used black archival ink and a French script stamp... which I then proceeded to largely cover with torn pieces of lace doily and more paint and a single application of gold wax...

On top of that I used plain white texture paste through a script stencil and gold embossing paste through a teeny hearts stencil. I stamped the word love randomly across the card.

I used a distress tool around the edges and then went over again with distress ink and the gold wax. I also used both of them on a layered flower which I adhered to the card and finished with a tied piece of old lace trim.

For the base I used Kraft card which I stamped over and over with a lace border stamp and black archival ink. Once everything was dry I adhered the centre of the panel to the base card to complete the project, leaving the distressed edges to lift from the base and reveal the lace stamping underneath.

It took a few days to complete this project because I did a bit and walked away...sometimes simple to let things dry, other times to give me some thinking time about the next step, but when I was finished I was happy with the end result ...and more importantly the recipient loved it.

Until next time

Thursday, 23 February 2017

52 week cafe card challenge and E is for Eclipse

I am really enjoying this weekly challenge and I am slowly getting used to working on something so small. I will admit it was hard at first, especially as my roots were in card making, but I am liking it more now.

For this card I began with a couple of fairly thick layers of "boiled gesso" background and I topped this with a couple of  fairly generous coats of black acrylic paint (I used Daler Rowney for this). I then rubbed in some Treasure Brass to highlight the textured surface and to provide the glow. The central focus was made by rolling and ink edging the eye shaped piece and adhering with distress medium to form delicate  teeny cracks. The letters (from Stampin' Up!) were stamped onto linen paper with black archival ink and adhered with gel medium.

This one took me the longest to actually begin but once I had the design idea fixed in my head it came together easily and I am happy with the result.
Until next time

Monday, 20 February 2017

52 week cafe card challenge and D is for Dragonfly

D is for Dragonfly and for this card I really wanted to keep it very simple and let the dragonfly be the focus of the card.

I used a couple of layers of gesso for this card and I heated both long enough to make the gesso surface bubble (I call it boiled gesso background lol)  Over the top I simply added some diluted decoart acrylic and over that I added some blue radiance paint to give a shimmer. The dragonfly was made from two layers both stamped onto vellum and heat embossed.

I really like the simplicity of this one.
Until next time

Wednesday, 15 February 2017

52 week cafe card challenge and C is for Coffee

The 3rd in the series of altered playing cards for the 52 week challenge...and it is C is for coffee.

 As always I started with a layer of gesso to which I added a few layers of torn paper to add texture. I stuck to a range of coffee coloured inks to do the back ground and the stamping... All the stamps used here were from VLVS. The mouse was stamped onto linen paper, coloured and then adhered to the card with a distress medium.

Considering I do not like coffee at all I was quite pleased with my take on the theme.
Until next time

Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Postcard crazy

I am  going a little postcard crazy this month... With  the intention of boosting my motivation to get things done and set them free, I signed up for several swaps this year, including a couple of post card based events.

This postcard was made to fit a monochrome theme. I really wanted to step away from the obvious black and white and since the definition of monochrome also includes shades of one colour with the addition of either black or white, my choice was to take the sepia route.

All the stamps used here are from VLVS and I used the simple combination of vintage photo distress ink and black archival ink to complete the project.

I hope my swap partner will enjoy the postcard I have made for her...I certainly had lots of inky fun in the making of it.
Until next time

Monday, 23 January 2017

Create Art...altered frame

On Saturday my lovely niece and I ventured out at silly o'clock on that cold frosty morning and took a train to Market Harborough (yep I had no idea where it was either...but it turns out its on the Leicestershire and Northamptonshire borders) to attend a one day workshop with the lovely Ali Reeve...and this was my favourite of the four projects we made that day.

A wooden frame totally transformed, by layers of collage,  some texture stencilling, assorted embellies, a ton of black gesso and topped with  marvellous Radiance Paints. I had such fun with this and absolutely loved how it turned out.

If you get the chance to attend one of Ali's workshop days then do'll have fun and come away with some great ideas.

Until next time

Thursday, 19 January 2017

52 cafe card week two... B is for Bubbles

This is my altered playing card for week two...where the theme was Bubbles.

For this one I added an extra thick later of gesso and purposely painted it on in waves and ridges. I used a  teal acrylic and then a turquoise dylusions spray over the top.

Once this was dry I stamped the rising bubbles (by Ryn) using archival ink direct to the card...and I also stamped the interconnecting circles (by VLVS) onto textured paper and coloured them with watered down acrylics and then used alcohol markers over the top of a few of them... Once dry I cut them out and adhered them to the card with matt medium. I stamped the wording  and then added some glossy crackle medium to a select few circles. I dry brushed the edges with darker blue acrylic to finish it off.

I do find working on such a small scale quite a challenge but I am enjoying it so far.

Until next time, take care

Monday, 16 January 2017

52 Cafe Card Challenge

I am taking part in a year long challenge with the  group at  Maremi Creative Cafe ...the aim is to  to alter a playing card (from an ordinary standard  pack of playing cards) each week with each one being themed by using a letter of the alphabet.

So we started week one with the letter for Art.

For all the cards I start out with a base layer of gesso  (I gessoed a dozen to start me off so they are ready when I am ready to start) and then for this one I added some decoart acrylics in multiple colours over the top. I  stamped the paintbrush stamp (from VLVS)  and the wording (from Chocolate Baroque) onto white textured paper and added colour to them. I adhered the brush to the card with matt medium and then added some more acrylic paint which I allowed to drip off the ends of the brush. Once that was dry I adhered the words and ink edged the card to finish it off.

I hope you like it, I had fun making it.
 Week two to follow very soon...
Until next time, take care

Thursday, 12 January 2017

Find your Tribe....

I have been away for a while - we spent December in Las Vegas and it was fun catching up with friends and just taking a break from real life....Vegas is possibly the easiest place to break from reality for sure and we had a great time... but we picked up (and brought back) what is known at "the Crud Virus" and it is a real beast. Brit papers report it as a virus which mimics or results in severe bronchitis I think the Americans have a better name for it as it really does make you feel like poop on a stick...and it is relentless.

To add to my general misery we began a major renovation on our kitchen a couple of days after we landed back in the jetlag and the crud virus plus a renovation finds me escaping into the craft room for a huge dose of the inky painty antidote to all that chaos

And its postcards again...I joined up to a couple of postcard swaps groups - one is UK based and the other International...and then another craft group I am a member of decided to have a postcard swap this I have been concentrating on postcards...and they are very addictive indeedy.

I made six yesterday but I think this is my favourite so far. I used 99% stamps from VLVS....(along with one stamp form Andy Skinner's Toxic set) I love their quirky designs and they do some really great sayings too. If you can't find what you want elsewhere, VLVS probably have what you need.

Anyhow this postcard was  fun to make and I decided to enter it into the Craft Stamper January Take It Make It challenge. There will be more postcards following shortly...but that's it from me for now.
Until next time,

Lighthouse shadow box

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